About Us



Al-Samak is a well-established family agri & aquaculture farming business in existence since 2006 that was started by our Chariman Brig ® Haris Nawaz. It is located in Thatta & Sajawal, about 120 km approx. away from the main city of Sindh Province called Karachi. It is in excellent location with water availability at all times throughout 365 days a year giving us a unique chance to grow crops of good quality. Our land base amounts to 1,000 acres that is fully owned by us out of which 400 acres is where we grow a good mix of crops which includes sugarcane, rice, vegetables & wheat The remaining 600 acres is where we have constructed fish farms that includes various nurseries for fish seeds to grow and then transfer them to big farms to havest.


Al-Samak provides end to end expertise in farming, including farm land development, agriculture , aquaculture and supply of agri-aquacultural products, like sugarcane, rice, vegetables, fish, fish seeds. Al-Samak aims to lead the next level of agri-aqua development in Pakistan using latest technologies and farming methods to produce best possible yields. As part of our long term growth strategy in Pakistan, We are focussing on what we know to be best practice. Best practice is taking on all the information from various basic methods of traditional farming and transform them to modern farming s that our farm has a more diverse environment, with production fields that are healthier becoming more productive